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Whatsapp Calling Feature Rolled Out In India [List Of All New Updated Feature]

whatsapp callingMessaging Giant Whatsapp owned By None other than Facebook is got is biggest  update in its history , yes whatsapp calling which was started in form of soak tests for only some users and invitation bases is rolled out for everyone. In this update not only calling feature is added but some additional feature and GUI tweaks are added by Whatsapp.
Some weeks ago whatsapp started testing their new update buy giving call feature only only invite but after some time they closed this system to improve the app as per the feedback from the users and in that blackout time when no body can invite any one some fraud companies started their business.
But now the wait is over whatsapp rolled out a recent update over database not on app because all the new versions of whatsapp ( latest Ones) have inbuilt calling feature but that was hidden but not whatsapp has unlocked that feature. So any body who has latest whatsapp app on its android phone is able to use this new Improved whatsapp.
If you have not got the new update than simply uninstall you whatsapp and re-download it from Google play. The whatsapp version Should be 2.12.5 . To check whatsapp version Go to whatsapp->settings->help->about.

New Whatsapp Update List [ Change Logs ] :

1. First Of All on the homepage there is 3 tabs by default. first one is for calling second one is our old chat tab and the third one is all contacts so now you can see all contacts by click on this windows.

2. In whatsapp call tab there is a phone add button with help of that you can call any one but the receiver should have latest whatsapp update.whatsapp calling

3. now you can view DP and get 3 buttons  y just clicking on photo of any contact on any tab. By clicking on photo you will get a call button, a message button and a I button with help of that you can view contact’s status and other history like before.whatsapp calling

4. A new invite button is also added in this update to invite contacts who don’t have whatsapp to install whatsapp. This button is only showing for those who uninstalled whatsapp now new numbers are showing that button. this button will show in the third tab of main page.

whatsapp calling
Whatsapp is going to start a new drive backup service with help of that you can back up your chats on Google drive so lets see when the update comes..

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That’s it ,, thank you for reading Smile
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