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Amazing Airtel 3G UDP Trick April 2015[ Confirmed in Bihar,WB and All East States]

free airtel 3gAgain with airtel guys, Recently some one discovered a open UDP port in airtel network. Yes UDP port , let me clear for those who are not aware of UDP ports or tricks based on these ports,
Udp port tricks are very rare and gives very fast speed without using any proxy or host, they are simply based on a simple unique UDP port and with help of them you can download unlimited amount of data free with full speed.
UDP tricks are extremely rare because companies kept blocking them frequently so getting a udp trick is a very great deal. with help of this trick you can download insane amount of data without speed capping or sim blocking.

Features of this trick:-

1. Get Full 7.2 mbps speed in you modem or phone.

2. Unlimited Amount Of Data can Be downloaded.

3. No Need to use any proxy or host.

4. Can be used in Phone and PC both.

5. No ads or surveys on downloading the trick

Limitation of trick :-

1. Only tested in Bihar by me But On some forum it has been tested in WB and some other states.

2. Working of this trick is based on hard luck .


1. Download And Install PD Proxy From HERE.

2. For Mobile User Download Openvpn From Google Play.

3. In pd proxy go to setting and than port and in that enter port that is given in file below.

4. now connect to your modem and than connect to pd proxy.

5. now you are done just enjoy the free unlimited 3g internet

in this post I am not explaining the whole process as assuming that you know how to configure these trick but if you are not than don’t worry just comment below and I will surely explain step by step how to use this trick for pc or mobile.

just comment whether it’s working or not it helps to confirm the trick in various states in India so feel free to comment any question or just say thank you or nice. Also like our fb page in order to get all new updates faster..

Download links :-

Download Trick From Here.

Thank you for reading my horrible English Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Hey bro..remember me hitesh trivedi
    Using it from last one month

    1. yes bro i can't forget you yaar.. Good to hear that you are aware of this trick .

  2. thanks Bro it Worked..
    But is there any Sim Blocking Isssues with It

    1. No Bro in udp ports you don't need to worry about sim blocking. But You should always reconnect after 500MB for Precaution. Hmmm Ashik You are a very old user na ????

  3. i m from bihar but it is not working for me at 0 balance. is any pack or balance is required

  4. please tell me the port number which i can use

  5. hey bro, how to use it using openvpn in mobile phone..??

    1. Please Use droidvpn in mobile and use port in l port and r port..

  6. 42901 and 49200 both UDPs are blocked from 17 Apr Please check for new Open UDP

  7. bhai plz tell me rport and lport for zpn

    1. Bro this trick has stopped working , so plz wait until a new trick is added to our site. Thank you

  8. hii bro its not working in bihar now plzz publish new as soon as possible


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