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How to Make Free Calls On Any Mobile [No Software Needed] {Without Internet}

freecall Heyyyy Guyzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D I’m extremely happy to post this update after a veryyy long brake. Actually i was bit busy in my collage schedule but now Hacksofworld is back with some newsome awesome authors. From now this blog will get regular updates and also the reply in 24 hour policy is back again so enjoy new tips and tricks as well as instant support on your question or query.
From now the updates will be more accurate and only tested and working tricks will posted so less in quantity and high in quality updates, this blog will also improve the PC Tips section to provide good and useful information about computers and other digital media.
With a new author from IT sector we will provide more networking tips and some more stuff to do fun with networks like WIFI and other this, AND Also the new retouched hacking posts with less difficulty and makes you the hacker of the group.
SO Now lets come to this trick …….
This post is to notify all the readers about a new service called Milap service. This service allows you to call on any number with your phone free of cost. There are many limitations but this trick comes handy because its an effortless way to call without any balance. “Recommended :- Free Calling Sites
You can use this trick to making an emergency call or to poke your friend because with this service you can place call with other number .So you can call anyone without revealing you identity.

Feature Of This Trick :-

1. Call Without Any Balance .
2. Call With Anonymous Number.
3. No Software Or App Needed.
4. Works With Every Operator .
5. Works With Every Phone And It is an Official Trick.

Cons Of This Trick :-

1. Not tested For Limits : – This Trick is tested but the limit of this trick is not known at this moment. But it is likely to around 4 to 5 times and only for 2 minutes.
2. Last Tested On  3/2/15 .

Steps :-

1. Just Call 180020802080 .

2. It will Automatically Get Disconnected.

3. After Sometime You Will Get A Call With IVR.

4. Pick up the phone and say the name of the person you want to call.

5. Say the number you want to call.

6. Volllaaaaa… you are connected to your friend for free 2 minutes.

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