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How To Boost Volume Of Any Audio File {Unique Method}{March 2015}

Boost Volume recordingI don’t know what is happing to me every time I decide to write a interesting post some other barriers bared me . Like few days before an unexpected trip and now a  FIR , Yes I filed my first FIR against a senior of my collage. He thought he can do anything but now the police is showing him that what they can do with him. Open-mouthed smile Smile with tongue out
So after all this non sense I am back with an another article to save your time and net pack. How many times you just got a recording of a sound clip you want but the only problem is that the volume of that file is not enough.
Like in other way you have a song in your phone that has low volume that other songs in your phone, just like you feel that this song is not using the full power of my speaker. Than You can do two things to increase the volume output of your device.

1. Increase the overall song output of your device.

2. Increase the sound of that particular file.

To increase the over all sound input of your pc please refer to this article… Recommended :- Boost Your Computers Volume By 300%
to increase the overall sound output of you android smartphone please download this app called Ultimate Volume Booster From HERE.
Or instead of doing all this you can simply amplify the sound of any particular audio fie this can save your time and also your pc or smartphone’s speaker.
In this post we are sharing an interesting and very easy way to boost or amplify the volume of any sound clip of any format to run it in its full capacity. For this you have to download an software called AUDOCITY which is quite popular and very handful tool in editing the sound . You can do many things with Audacity but in this post we are focusing on the amplifying feature of audacity.

Feature Of The Trick :-

1. Amplify The Volume.

2. Any Device Can Play The Amplified Sound clip.

3. Software Is Very Less In Size And Very Easy To Use.

4. No Ads Or Surveys Direct Downloading Link.

5. Audacity Is A Free Software….


1. Download and Install Audacity From Below Links…..

2. Install and open it..

3. Drag And drop or just open the sound clip you want to boost volume.


4. double click on the sound waves after opening the clip..aud02

5. click on effect and select amplify.


6. Amplify sound at max you can but over amplifying cause distortion of sound..


Note :- Before Appling any effect do STOP the clip in audacity by pressing stop button in audacity…..


Now you Are done just enjoys sound or ringtones in full volume… Smile Winking smile 

Download Links :-


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