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Tata Docomo Free 3G Trick For Mobile With 12Mbps Speed

free docomo 3g yes after a long time a handler and proxy trick for mobile. No need of frustrating VPNs of any thing else. No need to download Any third party thing to run a trick. Just download the trick and use in your mobile not only android but java phones are also supported.
This trick is based on handler and also it supports proxy so it will work in any mobile. A .apk handler also added for android user with full step by step guidance for newbie's so configuring this trick is not a difficult to use.
Basically this trick is 99% working in all over India also giving full 3.5G speed in all 3.5G regions . With this trick you can download unlimited data in 3g speed also in 2g region it will give you full 2g speed. This can be a life changing trick after a very long time . Grab it and use it to download unlimited data before it got blocked.
This trick also shared by many online forum and also they use surveys on download links to make money. I don’t understand if this trick is for mobile than 90% of mobile users will download it and completing surveys on mobile … you must be kidding. And after putting surveys what they say this is for protecting tricks .. Greedy peoples ..
Forget about surveys but what they say don’t share trick why i know this will increase the possibilities to get blocked but come on this is just  a stupid trick , don’t be selfish .
So as always we are sharing this trick to public without any surveys or ads just click download and it will start downloading. So  if the trick does not works for you than you will not irritated that holy shit it take 1 hour to download this bloody file from surveys. So no worry about download as of now we are posting tricks on direct download means just  click download button and it will start download no need to go on another page and then find a real download button in many fake ones of ads.

Pros Of This Trick :-

1. 99% Working And Tested.
2. No need To Do Complete Any Surveys,
3. Direct Download Support.
4. Unlimited Download And Full 3G Speed.
5. With Combo Of Three Tricks.
6. Very Easy To Use.

Steps :-

All Steps Are Included In The Files And Don’t Worry No ads No Surveys just click and download.

Download Links :-

Download DOCOMO Handler
The Password Of Configs is in the files but you have to change them after a while. for new password do comment.
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