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How To Use VPN Configs, OVPN And Other Tricks In Mobile

how to use open vpn in sndroid In many cases the trick does not supports proxy or home pages and also if they support than configuring them in you phone is very difficult and also switching between proxies in a nightmare. In pc you have NMDVPN so you can instantly change proxies and hosts by just connecting with other config.
Not only trick but also vpn provides excellent level security and if don’t prefer security than vpn also do other thing they switch your IP means you can over pass a ban if some site put a ban on your ip. Also some countries block sites like torrent and other illegal stuff not all operators but many operators also block some ad.fly links you can also bypass them.
without saying to much lets start with the post……

Steps :-

1. Download Any VPN From Google Play Store .. Like Openvpn , DroidVPn, Feat Vpn.
2. Download Any Configs From This Site or From Vpnbook.com.
3. Extract The Downloaded Files To Any Location In Your Phone.
4. Run VPN And Browse To The Place Where You Extracted The Configs and Select And Config.
5. Now After Turning On Your Mobile data Connect With The Config You Selected .
6. Vollaaaa .. You Are Connected With Your VPN , If the VPN Is showing any error than post the error in comment zone, We will help you and solve it out.
The Password Of Configs is in the files but you have to change them after a while. for new password do comment.
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