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How To Pin a Window To Appear Always On Top

powerMenu One day i was watching a movie in my pc and while watching movie i decided to do some small work on MS Word but what happened when i start ms Word my movie which was running on VLC Player covered with word window. But i thought ok not that big problem just decrease the size of window but after doing that i was not comfortable with typing. Means every time i open something the movie is covered by the recently opened window. that is bit annoying when you want to do some work while watching movie.
Power menu can help you in this situation . With this handy utility you can set what window you want to see and also the priorities of the window. Means you can set your player on always at top and by doing this you can watch movie without any hesitation to switch window every time you open a single program.
not only setting a window to top and never be over covered you can also set transparency of any window or program. You can set a movie to 10% transparent and than you can do your all work as normally you do without worrying that you have to switch to any program. By doing this you can do many things at a single moment of time like i used to watch a movie on 10% transparency and always on top option by doing this i do all my presentation while watching my fav. movie.
Also you can set the priorities of window or program to set it to high or lowest and also in real-time . this app is pretty handy and very small so no worry about heavy download or slow system. Also low specs system can also run this app without any system crash or slowing system . 
If not anything this app can use as a menu extension means it will increase the right click option in your ordinary right click options. Its good have some extra add ones to your system as it can help you to do various things. This is not a heavy kind of app just install it and forget it no need to update or configure anything. Just simple as clicking install button .

Pros of Powermenu :-

1. Free to Use App .
2. Very Light Weight And Never Slow Down Your PC.
3. No Upgrade Or Premium Version Needed.
4. No internet Connection Required For Installing Or Using This App.
5. Direct Downloading Without Ads And Surveys .

Cons OF PowerMenu :-

1. Does Not Support Some Browsers.

How To Use PowerMenu

Just install software from below and than right click on any open window and you will see some new and extra Options there… Like This….

Download Links :-

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