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Control Your Pc Like a Hacker

Now this time this post is specially very close to me because I am a super Fan of Iron Man.. And i also had a dream to have a jarvis type of artificial intelligence software. But as you all know that having that is impossible. But there is some utilities that make your pc experience better { more differ from other ordinary pc users} in a simple way there is some ways that makes you a pro pc user not like other user that use there computers only for word and excel.
So with help of this app you can shutdown or trigger any task by clap or by Bluetooth or lan. Basically this app is a trigger that can do various tasks with a trigger. You can activate many task with sound activation. I personally use this app to shutdown my pc with a clap. So why i so this ??  Because there are times when i forgot to shutdown my pc and went to bed .. that time simply clap once and you are done.
This is my way but you can do many task by clapping as well as you can use your phones Bluetooth to activate any task. You have to send a file with command name to your pc and the app will start responding to it.
You can also use this app as a task scheduler to perform a specific task at a specific time. this can be useful to many users and the most amazing part of this app is this that it is very easy to use even a basic user can configure this app to use it like a hacker.
Sleep Moon Xpress Is the name my friends. Sleep moon is a next generation automation utility to use your pc with a different way.. so lets review this smart utility..

Pros Of Sleep moon Xpress :--- 

1. Control Your Pc With A Clap .
2. Can Activate Task By Bluetooth And Wi-Fi.
3. Task trigger By Time Scheduler .
4. Free To Use.
5. Veryy Easy To Use. ( The Two y In Very Means It is Really Veryyy Simple To Use )

Cons Of Sleep moon Xpress :---

1. Only Few Features .
2. If You Have Your Pc IN a Noisy Environment Than Sound Activision Might Be A Nightmare.
3. Can be Very Basic.

How To Use Sleep Moon Express :-

1. Download And Install Sleep Moon Xpress From Here..
2. Choose a Default Task That  You Want To Do In Main Tab.
3. Now You Have To Chose A Trigger To Activate The Task.
3 (a) :- You Can Use Sound Activision For Your Task, To Do that you have to click on sound activation after choosing your command.
Just Save Your React Volume In The Box . If You Are In A noisy environment than set that Value Higher Than 80 . ( Do Normalize Sound To Clear Background Sounds )
3 (b) :- You Can Use Your Phones Bluetooth For Activating Various Commands. Just Send A File To Your Computer . The Name Of The File Will Work As A Command For The App
3 (c) :- You Can Also Schedule The Task With Sleep Moon Express By Simply Set The Command And The Time…
sleep3 4. Now You Are done…. Enjoy…. :)
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