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Best RAM Cleaners For Windows [Full Versions]

clean_ram I know what you will expecting from this article . “Hmmm another article with some software recommendation and some top 5 kind of boring things. Might be a article for Geek kind of people . I don’t even run my computer on daily purpose so what is the need of this kind of geeky utilities . This is a machine not my baby to take care of it.”
But wait for a second this article is for every pc user and it is not a rocket science to understand this article.( just might be required a English Literature Degree to Understand my Poor English :-p ) . Clearing ram does not mean that it closes the background apps to clear it . These apps will only clear you cached memory for increasing your pc’s performance. I don’t really like that kind off heavy software that used to speed up your system but at the end of the day you realize that that software's are using more of your pc than you generally use.
So i use only small utilities that only do a single work without slowing your pcs and wasting time by their annoying graphics . in this post we are posting two free to use ram cleaner that are very easy to use and also do their work quite well. These software's are very small and light weight for their users means a persons having a low specs system can also run them.
In this post we are talking about 2 standard Memory cleaners that will clean your systems ram and boost your pcs performance. And cleaning your laptops RAM means few more minutes to your battery life. These apps are as simple as clicking on one button.
1. Memory Optimizer Pro :-
This is a free to use small utility from softorino . Just Like The Foldercololizer this app is very handy and also no need of configuration. Just click on a small Button to recover your cached memory. This app is free for lifetime and does not need any internet connection or update to run . Not a single ads just like foldercololizer .Memory Optimizer Pro
Just Click On Recover Free Memory And You Are Done…

Pros : -

1. Free To Use and very easy .
2. Just One Button to do all work .

Cons :-

1. Okay Might Be Veryyyy Basic .
download memory optimizer pro

2. Memory Cleaner :-
This is way more advance than the MOP . you can trim processes and delete caches with single button. Not thinking to much just click and than its done. you can also set it to auto mode in that mode it will automatically clean your memory . It will kept running in background and you can also clean it from the task bar.
this is a free app from a developer koshyjohn and it will ask you to update it. but you can simply choose no if you don’t want to update it. it is not like automatic update and will not consume any data .
Memory cleaner

Pros :-

1. Free To Use and very easy to use .
2. Very Light Weight .
3. Can Be Updated.

Cons :-

1. You Should Wait For 5 Second Before its First Start Up .
Download memory cleaner
so this is the post about some few utilities for basic home users of computer. You can find more apps and many new kind of tip about your pc in out PC zone and also you can request for any full version of program in our FAQ Zone..
 Thank you for reading have a good day :)

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