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Airtel 3G Trick For Blocked And Unblocked Sims May 2014

airtel 3g trickblocking and speed capping yeah these two words describe airtel. no one knows why airtel is so restricted , they might think that all hackers are using only their network to bypass network firewall. okay now after criticizing airtel lets focus on the trick. “ Recommended :- 100% Working Airtel 3g Trick
To find a working trick is a very hard job in itself and more over finding a working trick on Blocked Sims is the nightmare of any tricker. What is blocking ?????
Blocking is a server restriction means using a free page to access massive amount of data makes you unable to use any free provided by airtel. Like any working homepage . And all TCP tricks are based on a hosts and host is a page that opens free of cost in your region .
if you are blocked than your are not able to use any kind of working host so not trick will work for you. but as you all know nothing is unbreakable . So in this post we are sharing a working trick for blocked and unblocked user both.
for blocked users there is a advantage that airtel does not block trick frequently for blocked users because they are already blocked. So killing a dead person is a waste of time and energy .
for unblocked users their might have some chances because TCP tricks are based on location you if you are lucky enough to get a open port in your region then you will get the speed and the trick .
Pros of This Trick :-
1. 100% Working for blind Blocked User That Have No Access To Free Content.
2. Because off Secret Host Speed is Very Fast . Up to 5.6 MbPS In Browsing.
3. Full Link Broken Support And File Error Support In Help Section .
4. Download Links Are Survey Free And Openly Posted. Just Click And Download
Cons of This Trick :-
1. Not Tested For Unblocked Users .
Steps :-
1. Download And Install NMDVPN ( If You Don’t Have It Than You Can Download it From Here. )
2. Copy And Paste Downloaded Trick From Below To C:>PROGRAM FILES>NMD VPN > CONFIGS .
3. For Mobile Users Download DroidVPN From Google Play . And Use The Downloaded Configs In that .
4. Just Connect With You Net Connection and than Connect with Any config in Files .
5. If you have that port in your area you will connect….
Enjoy the freedom Of Free unlimited 3G Internet.
Notes :- 1. Do change the password in hacksofworld.txt file . For New Username Password GO TO vpnbook.com
2. Exceeding The Host Limit Might Block Your Sim Permanently So Do Reconnect After 200MB.
Download Links :-
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